About Click+Clean®. Who stops getting better has stopped being good.

Our mission: to be a partner for you

Click+Clean® GmbH was founded in 2012 as a sales and development company for electronic control units and remote monitoring technologies.

"He who stops getting better has stopped being good" is a saying by Philip Rosenthal. This motto also applies to the products and development tasks at Click+Clean® GmbH. The implementation of our products should help our customers to become technology leaders in their economic sectors.

Our task is to be a competent and reliable partner for our customers from the very beginning, with whom they can develop their business and their visions.

Remote monitoring of Click+Clean® is an important component in optimizing our data processing and efficiency of our operations.

Alexander Moseler, WATERSYSTEMS A/S

Our products: Control - Monitor – Maintain

The products of Click+Clean® GmbH are aimed exclusively at business customers. The core business is the marketing of M2M based monitoring and the software of technical systems necessary for maintenance.

The customer can manage the monitoring independently through the WEB-Viewer. With the maintenance tool MoWa, the customer can also organize the maintenance planning of the technical systems and, with the MoWa app, conveniently enter his on-site data via mobile device and make it directly available to the office staff.

Click+Clean® offers all the necessary components for its applications: the hardware required for monitoring (powerful but also cost-effective controllers), LAN and GPRS modules, M2M GPRS SIM cards that can be used worldwide with maximum data security (VPN and static IP use) and user-friendly software solutions.

The servers required for storage and backup are located in Germany and meet all security and data protection requirements.

The solutions of Click+Clean® GmbH together serve the areas: Control - Monitor - Maintain

CLICK+CLEAN® offers more

  • Hardware and software solution Made in Germany

  • customer-oriented control hardware, incl. user-friendly PC software for individual adaptation of the operating concept with the hardware platform Series 2.5

  • Continuous monitoring of the control system with online updated status display in the WEB viewer (real-time system)

  • Immediate and detailed error dispatch of fault messages via e-mail

  • Remote maintenance option via Internet (via GPRS module or Ethernet module) through the PC software

  • Documentation of data and easy management on the WEB platform of the WEB viewer.

  • GPRS cards for a data-secure connection in a VPN (can be used worldwide)

  • MoWa, the customer-oriented solution for organizing and carrying out the maintenance of technical systems from management to route planning to fully automated communication with authorities.


Modern remote maintenance from the technology leader

Make small wastewater treatment plants and pump stations safe and convenient for your customers with remote monitoring, maintenance, and control from Click+Clean®. Monitor and control plants from your office or anywhere in the world.

Automatic alerts let you conveniently detect potential problems before they even occur. We provide you with the optimal solution for everything you need.

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