Modern maintenance management of small wastewater treatment plants is called MoWa.

Experience visual and intuitive maintenance management and route planning from the technology leader.

MoWa advantages for your business and your customers

Maintenance 4.0: Maintain your plants like never before. From administration to route planning, on-site execution, to fully automated customer and authority communication, MoWa reduces your effort and time to a minimum! Save 20-40% time and costs with Mowa. Concentrate again on the essentials: maintenance execution and customer service. Thanks to the MoWa app, all info/documents are always with you, even offline, during every operation. Try it out and let us convince you.

  • Plan multi-day trips with just a few clicks thanks to AI.

  • Save time and travel costs through optimized routes

  • Communicate with customers and authorities in a fully automated way

  • Provide your customers with permanent access to selected documents

  • Manage more maintenance in less time

  • Maintain and communicate in a revised and legally compliant manner

  • Avoid transmission errors and save entry of data and values

  • Never forget a step thanks to fully automated input control

  • Never again forget to invoice for additional material/time required

  • Experience all the advantages of paperless processes

MoWa administration saves more than just paperwork

With MoWa you manage all relevant data practically and centralized in one place. This means that you have all the information on locations, plants, maintenance contracts, employees, and customers easily on hand at any time. Store important information about the property, communication, or other special features. It is also possible to connect MoWa to your enterprise resource planning system.

All common small wastewater treatment plants and pumping stations can be mapped in MoWa - from technical data to individual components.

Always keep track of history, e.g., when a compressor was last replaced. Assigned serial and part numbers facilitate tracking.

Increase your customer loyalty by giving them access to their logs, contracts, and invoices at any time via log-in.

Keep track of all assets and find everything at any time with the flexibly adjustable search function in Mowa. Asset management has never been so easy.

Detailed boxes provide you with the most important information for each plant. In lightboxes, you can make and save all the necessary settings for the plants.

With MoWa, you not only keep an eye on the present and future, but also on the past - including part numbers of previously used parts.

With MoWa, you can provide your end customers with a clear dashboard containing all the necessary information - including a personal download area with all protocols and other selected documents.

Data acquisition with the MoWa app is done via a tablet. We have all the information and data about the plant available on site through the app.

Josef Karlsson, Watersystems Sverige AB

MoWa deployment overview delivers what it promises for everyone

With MoWa, you maintain a quick and secure overview of all upcoming maintenance and operations.

Store upcoming repairs or other work as work assignments and optionally assign them to a fitter. MoWa will automatically draw your attention to these jobs when you plan your tours.

Everything at a glance

On the dashboard you can see everything that is currently important. No maintenance and no operation will be forgotten anymore.

Status transparently traceable

Each operation runs through a status sequence, e.g., planned, scheduled, executed, controlled, settled.

Integrated user administration with rights management

Create office staff and fitters, network with your personnel and improve information flows even in case of illness or vacation.

Even for your customers

Assign your own log-ins to all info up to the deployment status.

Mowa route planning saves massive amounts of time and money

Route planning, which can take days to arrange, can be done with MoWa in just a few clicks. Overnight stays, breaks and the consideration of special customer requirements such as desired day times or weekdays.

With MoWa, you automatically optimize your routes for multiple assignments and the best routes - whether commissioning, repair, or maintenance. This saves a lot of travel time and costs. Thanks to the synchronization of the calendar via Exchange account (e.g., Office365), the onsite technicians and the office staff get an optimal overview.

Display your routes as a table or map, depending on how you work. Distances can be easily estimated in the user-friendly map display. In addition, other pending tasks in the vicinity can be easily added to the route. 

Your customers will be informed fully automatically about the length of maintenance - depending on the customer's request via E-Mail, E-post Api, SMS or WhatsApp.

Put together optimal multi-day routes quickly and easily - with stored customer wishes, hotels and above all: with maximum savings potential.

With the calendar function, your office staff always has a complete overview of all onsite technicians and their availability.

Plan your routes according to your own preferences in tabular or graphical form on a clear map.

Mowa notifies your customers about your next appointment fully automatically from the route planning.

Click+Clean®'s Route Planning makes the planning of operations much easier. Even the planning of trips lasting several days is completed quickly and efficiently by MoWa.

Malin Göransson, Watersystems Sverige AB

MoWa APP as a mobile application companion for on the road

With the MoWa app, everything is always at hand on the tablet. The onsite technicians can access all data on the location and the system during operation.  They can store photos and other information directly on site in MoWa for the application/system.

The app works anywhere, even without internet access. As soon as it can establish a connection, data is automatically transmitted and synchronized. This is how modern paperless and archiving work today.

Protocol designer

Customize each protocol plant-specific and individually, create your own protocols or use templates.

Take control step by step

The MoWa app guides you through every operation. Thanks to fully automated input control, no checks, no completion, or documentation can be forgotten.

Working in the cloud

MoWa bundles all inputs in one place. Also, via the app. This means that your control, settings, and maintenance data are always up to date, without having to reenter the data and values.

Synchronized with calendars

With the MoWa app, installers can receive push notifications on the go and respond to them directly.

Automated communication makes many things easier

Maintenance operation. Servers can store even more information (e.g., As soon as an operation is completed via the MoWa app, it is automatically back in the analytics results) and hands over the logs quickly and easily to its end customer and the authorities.

All common interfaces (incl. the widely used DIWA interface) are served for dispatch to the authorities. An optional connection to your customer and merchandise management system enables you to quickly invoice and document your operations.

Your suitable MoWa package

Billed annually
Billed monthly


150,00 €
160,00 €

Basic fee / month
+ 30,00 € per employee / month

  • 10 GB Storage space
  • up to 500 plants / contracts
  • up to 1.000 operations / year
  • Exchange calendar synchronization
  • API connection


250,00 €
260,00 €

Basic fee / month
+ 30,00 € per employee / month

  • 20 GB Storage space
  • up to 1.000 plants / contracts
  • up to 2.000 operations / year
  • Exchange Calendar Synchronization
  • API connection


500,00 €
510,00 €

Basic fee / month
+ 30,00 € per employee / month

  • 50 GB Storage space
  • up to 2.500 plants / contracts
  • up to 5.000 operations / year
  • Exchange Calendar Synchronization
  • API connection

Do you need more than 2.500 installations / contracts?
Request a quote here!

  • Maintenance app
  • Web portal
  • Tour planning
  • Maintenance, asset and user management
  • Download area
  • Protocol Designer
  • Communication with authorities and customers
  • Diwa interface
  • End customer access
  • own virtual memory
  • Additional memory: 10 GB, 20 GB, 50 GB
  • demand-oriented SLA agreements
  • additional facilities and/or employees
  • own virtual memory and domain
  • Data migration of existing data e.g. from Diwa and others systems, optionally with validation of all data
  • Setup of all templates/settings
  • various training courses
  • Individual functions can be added according to customer requirements


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