This is how professional remote maintenance of small wastewater treatment plants works today.

Experience modern remote maintenance from the technology leader from a single source. From convenient route planning to remote monitoring, maintenance and access.

Advantages for your business and your customers

With remote monitoring, maintenance, and Click+Clean® controllers, you can make wastewater treatment plants and pump stations safe and convenient for your customers. Monitor and control assets from your office or anywhere in the world. Automatic e-mail or SMS alerts let you conveniently spot potential problems before they even occur. We provide you with the optimal solution for everything you need with combined products from a single source.

  • Optimizes your workflow in the office and on site

  • Ensures operational reliability around the clock

  • Makes time-consuming operator obligations easier

  • Extends the life of the equipment

  • Fewer on-site appointments = saving of time and money

  • Control via internet & automatic data storage

  • Simplify your documentation requirements and communication with authorities

  • Control your systems conveniently and easily from a distance

  • 24/7 automatic alarm notifications

MoWa maintenance tool: management, planning, communication

Maintain your equipment like never before with MoWa, the modern solution for organizing and performing maintenance on technical equipment. MoWa relieves you of effort and work - with an optimized workflow from administration and route planning to fully automated customer and authority communication.

With MoWa, you have all the information on locations, plants, contracts, and customers easily at hand at all times.

Weekly/daily route planning, which could take days to do, can be done with MoWa in just a few clicks thanks to AI, including overnight stays and other boundary conditions.

Always keep track of the entire history. Assigned serial and part numbers facilitate tracking.

  • Potential savings of 20-40% in time and costs

  • Fully automated trip communication with customers (via email, SMS, WhatsApp or E-Post API)

  • Flexible protocol designer

  • Always present in use: plant settings, component management, history

  • Fully automatic validation of the technician's input values

  • Automated communication with authorities and customers after maintenance - audit and legally compliant

  • Route planning for several days or weeks via AI

  • Clear dashboard of monitoring and deployments

  • Calendar display and sync via Exchange account (e.g., Office365)

  • Diverse evaluation and export functions

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The maintenance tool MoWa supports us in the management of our maintenance contracts. Communication and data exchange with the authorities has been simple and straightforward since 2019.

Anja Eidam, Bergmann Beton + Abwassertechnik GmbH

With WEB-Viewer monitoring and access in the office or at home

With the Click+Clean® WEB-Viewer, you can easily monitor small and large wastewater treatment plants as well as pump stations - in the office, at home or worldwide. Here, all data (messages, operating hours, measured values and parameters) automatically converge at your desired time interval. The controllers are securely connected to our servers and communicate status in near real time. And via VPN remote access, you have direct access to the controller and change settings or adjust process sequences.

Everything at a glance

On the dashboard you can see everything that is currently important.

Modern evaluation

Overview of entire plant management, flows, measured values and operating hours in clear charts and tables.

Intelligent alarms

In the event of malfunctions, value overruns and timeouts, the WEB-Viewer automatically sends messages - also by SMS or e-mail.

Digital archive

In the WEB-Viewer, you always have the alarm history, all data (e.g., measured values, operating hours and maintenance reports) at hand.

  • Cloud-based product "Made in Germany “

  • Own virtual server possible on our high-performance servers

  • Change of parameters via remote access possible

  • Worldwide roaming partners/providers available

  • Available in different languages

  • Data security through certified servers in Germany

  • Daily incremental backup

  • worldwide IP-based deployment via 4G/3G/2G GSM module (operator-independent)

  • More than 10,000 plants worldwide are already equipped with remote maintenance

  • Adaptation to own CI possible

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The Click+Clean® control technology makes it possible

Remote maintenance starts with the hardware that controls your equipment, collects, monitors, and sends all necessary data.

Our universal modular control platform covers almost all applications in the fields of wastewater technology and pump stations.

Each Click+Clean® control has a slot for a GPRS module and can be flexibly retrofitted if required. Even inexperienced people can integrate and activate the module within a few minutes.

Depending on Control Panel size, 9 different housing types are available. Front foils and slide-in strips can be adapted to your company design.

With 8 different output boards, you can design a control system customized for the needs of your customers. (Details see data sheets)

Due to the modular design, there are almost no limits to the possibilities. The number and sequence of the boards is freely configurable.

  • modular hardware concept for (almost) all applications

  • a large number of available circuit boards allow the design of customized controllers

  • change individual components instead of replacing entire control systems

  • higher replacement availability on site due to fewer different components (less material in stock and in the car)

  • compatible for remote monitoring, control, and maintenance via WEB-Viewer and MoWa: control technology with GPRS module sounds an alarm as soon as there is a malfunction. Via mobile radio and our web server, it sends all details to the set-up users. This means: 24/7 certainty that your system is working correctly

  • Less familiarization with many control systems and types

  • ready-to-use standard products available based on the individual boards

  • adaptable to your company design (CI)

  • user-friendly PC software for parameterization and readout via USB on site

  • Easier repairs and retrofits due to plug-in relays

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The Click+Clean® control technology is flexible and easy to use. For more than 10 years, the use of the controls has proven itself in wastewater treatment plants of the wsb® process.

Uwe Volkmer, Bergmann Beton + Abwassertechnik GmbH

Being your partner is our task

Click+Clean® GmbH was founded in 2012 as a sales and development company for electronic control devices and remote monitoring technologies.

Our mission is to be a competent and reliable partner for our customers from the very beginning, with whom they can develop their business and their visions. The products of Click+Clean® GmbH are aimed exclusively at business customers.


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